A guide to finding the ideal facility management company in dubai


Looking for a guide to help you find the best facility management companies in your city? In this article, we will be uncovering the top five tips to keep in mind for finding the best facility management company in Dubai. With the ever-increasing professional responsibility of today’s generation, it has become challenging to balance and manage their homes and household chores. The idea of washing dishes or doing basic household chores sounds exhausting after doing a long shift at work, which is why more people are resorting to facility management companies for maintaining their personal and professional spaces. That said, the process of finding the right facility management company that understands your needs and demands and provides services under your budget can be challenging. If you are on the lookout for the best facility management service provider in Dubai, check out the top five tips to find the ideal facility management company mentioned below:

Look for companies that offer a wide variety of services

Facility management companies are god sent for people living in nuclear families, especially when both adults of the family are working professionals and do not have the time to manage the household chores daily. After all, who wants to vacuum the flooring or do the dishes after an eight-hour long shift at work? In such situations, the services provided by a facility management company are worth giving a shot. But with so many different facility management companies available in the United Arab Emirates, the process of finding the ideal company to manage your household chores efficiently can get challenging. The first thing that you must consider while doing your research on the best facility management service providers in the city is whether they provide a wide variety of management services to their clients. You cannot predict what may go wrong in the house at what time, and a good facility management company with plenty of well-trained employees can help you deal with the issues efficiently.

Distinction between soft and hard management services

Consider this point as an extension to the above tip, as the services offered by the facility management company should fall under two major categories, namely, soft facility management services and hard facility management services. The services included under the category of soft facility management deals with managing daily household chores, such as dusting, cleaning, maid availability, security, pest control, furniture cleaning, rope access cleaning of the windows, office cleaning, general sanitation, car wash, etc. Hard facility management services, on the other hand, include activities that require more physical and technical labor, such as chemical cleaning of the swimming pools, floor or wall tiling, rope access, painting, etc. By choosing a company that specializes in providing facility management services in both the above-mentioned categories, you wouldn’t have to call or look for different companies for different household needs. You must understand that managing a residential or commercial space needs a lot of effort, and only a good facility management company can help make your space worth living. Apart from that, you must ensure that the company also specializes in power management and has an adequate number of employees to manage services like AC cleaning and maintenance, electric and power management, plumbing, etc.

Quick response from the customer support team

Doesn’t matter how big or small the facility management company is, there may be chances of them making mistakes and not doing the work as per your instructions or demands. Only companies that have an active customer support group can listen to your complaints and queries, all while prompt solutions to manage your issues effectively. Therefore, you must choose a facility management service provider that has a group of well-trained employees to listen to the client’s queries and provide active solutions. There may be instances where the general cleaning staff didn’t understand your instructions carefully and haven’t done the work as per your expectations. Since the basic idea behind hiring employees from a facility management company was to make your life easier and not do any work, it would be pretty stupid to check whether the staff is doing their work correctly at regular intervals. In such a situation, you can directly lodge a complaint to customer care for the required support.

Industrial expertise and reputation

You must ensure that the facility management service provider that you are planning to go for to manage your residential, professional, or commercial space has at least a few of experience serving people in the industry. Go for one of those facility management companies that have good reviews from their previous clients. Checking online reviews of the facility management service provider before booking any services can help ensure whether the company provides satisfactory services to its clients. The company must come up with prompt solutions and go above and beyond to provide their clients with the best services to manage their facility at all times.

Online presence matters

Lastly, the online presence of the facility management service provider says a lot about the work culture, employee quality, customer support, etc. A good facility management company maintains transparency with its clients on subjects like the pricing of different soft, hard, and power services. Check whether their website has a review section where people can tell about their experience with the facility management company. An organization that believes in the quality of its work has nothing to hide from its potential customers, which is why they are transparent when it comes to displaying customer reviews on its platform.

In conclusion, the decision to choose a facility management service provider for your residential, professional, or commercial space is ultimately yours, and we hope this article helped you gain some insights into how one can fund the best facility companies in Dubai and other cities. Doesn’t matter if you are looking for facility management companies in Dubai or any other Emirati city, the above-mentioned tips will surely help in finding the ideal facility service provider for your homes and offices.

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