Cookies With My Cuisinart Food Processor


I come from a family that always made cookies from scratch. We never had store bought cookies in the house, and when we had them at other peoples houses we never liked them. We were too used to the homemade versions.

I continued into my adulthood only making cookies from scratch too. I ended up becoming the sole organizer for a bake sale for my children’s school. For the most part, my skills came in handy for this, but I couldn’t seem to find a way around changing the batch size in a shorter amount of time.

I decided to do some digging on the internet to see if there were any hacks or ideas that I could find to remedy this situation, because the bake sales have been more serious in the last couple of years. As it turned out, I could use my Cuisinart food processor to make larger batches of the cookies I made for the bake sale. Potential crisis averted.

I didn’t have a dough blade for my food processor, so I visited KitchenWorksInc to get one for myself. They sell authentic Cuisinart-dfp-14 parts, not cheap knockoffs that I’ve seen elsewhere. I also got different work bowls to switch between batches more efficiently.

Anything that I needed chopped was done in less than half the time it would take me to do it by hand. Not to mention the mess was way more easily contained. This was a total lifesaver.

It really makes combining the rest of the ingredients a breeze. It took me almost no time to get my cookie dough to the perfect consistency where it isn’t lumpy. It took less time than any mixer I’ve ever used.

My kids love being a part of the process as well. They’ve learned to use my food processor like professionals and take a lot of pride in the fact that they contribute to their school’s bake sale. It really is a win win all around.

Now every year I make 5 varieties of cookies to sell at the annual bake sale, and we raise a lot of money for different things for the school. The batches are always increasing as the population where we live increases, but it never makes me shy away from it since I have my Cuisinart food processor to help me along the way.

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