Enhance your Home and Office Security with Video Door Phone


Do you sense suspicious activity outside your front door? Take a peek at what’s happening outside, without opening your doors every time the bell rings. Check who’s on the porch from the safety of your home or even while you’re on holiday, with the latest entrant in home security – a smart two-way video doorbell.

With increasing cases of urban burglaries and thefts, upgrading your home security is a prime concern. Now, you can keep an eye on, who’s at the front door from inside your home – thanks to smart video doorbells.

With these smart home security solutions, you receive a live video feed of the person who’s at the door, directly on a monitor inside the house or on your Smartphone. You can then use two-way audio to speak to them, without opening the door or without interrupting the task at hand.

Smart Video Doorbells offer a wide range of benefits. Some of them are:

  • Interact with your Visitors, without Opening your Door

For instance, if a delivery person is on your doorstep, you can issue them with instructions – just place the parcel on the doorstep, or leave it with a neighbour, all without opening your front door. This means, you won’t be disturbed by salespersons, deliverymen and other people, while you’re in the midst of a busy task. Enjoy cooking, relaxing in the bath or binge-watching your favourite TV shows without being constantly disturbed by the ringing of the front doorbell.

  • Improve your Home Security

Very often, burglars scope out details of a property like – how many people live at home, what time they are at home and other such details – by ringing the bell to ask pointless questions like directions and more.

With a video doorbell, you need not alert potential burglars to the key details about your home. And, very often, when thieves come across a property equipped with a hi-fi security gadget like a video intercom, they are deterred and consider that the property is high risk and don’t attempt a heist. They work well with other security systems and even manned security bearing AK-47 rifles in case one prefers a comprehensive security package.

  • Open the Front Door Remotely

By connecting your smart video doorbell with a smart lock system, you can remotely open the front door for trusted visitors. This is a huge boon for seniors who lack mobility. They needn’t strain themselves to get up and come to the front door every time the calling bell rings. Instead, they just see who’s at the door and can activate the remote unlock for visiting friends and family.

  • Keep an Eye on Who’s at Your Front Door, Even While You aren’t at Home

Some video doorbells come with the facility to integrate the live feed to a connected Smartphone. This way, you can keep track of who’s at your front door, even while you’re away on holiday.

How Does it Work?

A video door phone has two units:

  • The outdoor unit – this is mounted on the wall near your front door and has a mounted camera and an inbuilt microphone.
  • The indoor unit – this is mounted in your preferred place inside the house – kitchen, living room, or bedroom. The indoor unit has a screen that displays the live feed of what’s happening at your front door. It also has a two-way audio system.

Every time someone rings the doorbell, the cameras along with the outdoor unit are activated, and it transmits the live video feed to the indoor unit. You can then see who’s at the door, and decide how you want to respond to them. For instance, if it’s a family member, you can remotely unlock the front door. On the other hand, if it’s an unknown person, you can communicate with them using the audio system, all from the safety of your home.

Check out the wide range of smart video doorbells available on the market, and pick the right one that offers you the best security. And, enjoy improved home security like never before.

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