Here Is Why Fiber Internet Is Wildly Successful


The last decade has been incredibly eventful for broadband technology. We have seen the advent of fiber optic technology, which now has taken off, and become a popular internet choice. According to statistics, more than 60 million US homes have fiber optic internet. This is a 12% increase from 2020.

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It is considered the fastest mode of internet on the market. Apart from the speed, other factors contribute to making it such a popular choice. Here are a few reasons why fiber optic internet is wildly successful.

Economic Impact

Broadband technologies and the telecommunication industry are important assets to the economy. Internet, in general, has radically changed the US economy. As per statistics, the internet economy accounts for 12% of the United States’ $21.18 trillion Gross Domestic Product. It has grown around 7% in the last four years.

Fiber internet gives users access to excellent speeds and a reliable internet connection. Fiber optic connection has leveled the playing field for small organizations and businesses by providing them rapid access to a growing international market. A study found that communities with access to fiber internethad a higher per capita income. Furthermore, a 3.1% increase in property price was reported because of fiber internet connection access.

Speed and Reliability

Fiber connection offers some of the highest speeds of any broadband technology on the market currently. You can enjoy speeds as high as 1-Gbps.

Fiber internet offers symmetrical speeds, which essentially means a fiber connection offers the same upload and download speed.DSL and Cable internet connection offer asymmetrical speeds, with a greater download speed. These cable connections, therefore, are not suitable if you upload content or have heavy-duty internet usage. Fiber internet offers reliability in terms of data speed.

With other internet connections, the signal is weakened while traveling long distances due to interference in copper wires.Cable internet loses 3% of its signal while traveling 320 ft. whereas DSL loses about 94% of its signal at the same distance. Fiber internet transfers signal through glass cables, which experience much less electromagnetic interference allowing them to travel long distances seamlessly.


Cybersecurity crimes can be incredibly harmful to individuals and organizations. Data suggests that large organizations lose $25 every minute due to cybercrime. This research also found that a cybercrime attempt can go unnoticed for 280 days and the average cybercrime attack costs $3.8 million.

Cybercrime can be perpetuated by intercepting your data connection. A fiber internet connection provides security on this front as it sends data through light signals instead of electricity.

Environmental Impact

Global warming is a reason behind global climate change. Therefore, it is important to make green and sustainable decisions in all parts of life even our internet connection. Fiber optic technology offers an environmentally friendly alternative to coaxial cable connections.

It uses very little electricity to transfer data across long distances. The reduced electricity usageresults in lower CO2 emissions.

The Digital Future

High-speed internet connection like fiber internet is the backbone of the digital future we are moving towards.It provides people the ability to work from home and the rural population the opportunity to connect to larger markets and make important connections locally and globally.

Fiber internet can help provide medical attention to underserved and underprivilegedpopulations. Individuals who are unable to seek help in person can connect with healthcare professionals via the internet to get an in-depth evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment.For these purposes, higher resolution video and a smooth internet connection provided by fiber internet can help assist telemedicine.

In Conclusion

Fiber optic internet offers high-speed internet service with a reliable connection. It has been abundantly called the future of broadband technology. We see many people in recent years switching towards the faster and greener fiber optic internet option. This shift is motivated by the high-speed internet connection, positive environmental effects, and cybersecurity benefits.

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