Improve your paraphrasing and rewriting skills


Because it is so easy to master, improving your rewriting abilities is one of most Basic English skills. Rewriting is necessary when you have to revise a textual piece. This allows you to provide you with the exact textual version without having to alter its meaning. Here are some tips on paraphrasing and rephrasing sentences.

Paraphrasing Tips

  • First, recognize that it must retain the original textual contents; however, you cannot simply substitute words with their synonyms. This will not do the right job.
  • Your personal view or opinion should not be added to the textual contents. However, you must preserve the original meaning. It is important to note that your thoughts must be distinguished from the thought of the person who wrote the passage.
  • You will also need to find ways to attribute your resources using sign terms along with “in accord with …”” In this case, you can introduce your source and prevent plagiarism from your textual content.
  • Rephrase or rewrite the ideas or phrases of an alternative author using your own words. That does not mean that you must pronounce it in the same way as the author.
  • Paraphrase sentences should be experienced. You may not use phrases with the identical meaning.

Paraphrasing correctly is composed of the author’s original ideas, in either one element or as a whole. The paraphrasing must represent these ideas accurately within the textual content. It must reflect the truth and not be influenced by your personal views.

You should avoid looking at the original passage when rewording. It is important to first understand and comprehend the content before you start rewording. This will make it easier and more efficient to complete the project.

To get you started, you can use an online paraphrasing tool to help you finalize your content. Try , this is one of the best paraphrase tool available online.

Here are some guidelines to help you paraphrase sentences in your own words. If you don’t fully understand the text, you can not begin paraphrasing it.

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