Loose Diamonds: A Buyer’s Guide In Fort Worth


If you are planning to buy diamonds, loose diamonds can be a good choice since it has their advantages. Loose diamonds are mostly sold in wholesale stores which means you can get them at a more affordable price. Several stores offer wholesale loose diamonds in Fort Worth, all you have to do is pick the right store and determine what diamond would you want to have. Here are some things you have to check on before buying a loose diamond:

Basics of wholesale loose diamonds

Having knowledge of loose diamonds before buying them can help you select the right diamond once you start shopping. Loose diamonds are evaluated using the 4cs which includes the following:


Diamond’s color will be based on how colorless they are the more colorless the better. The top grade for diamond ranges from D to F, however, take note that this grade of diamond is rare ad pricey therefore better opt for the next grade which is the nearly colorless grade ranging from G to J. They are perfect as an alternative for colorless diamonds.


Diamonds have inclusions as they are formed and they are considered flaws. Flawless diamonds like colorless ones are rare and expensive. Most diamonds can be seen with flaws, however, they ate still considered good as long as the flaw doesn’t affect the overall quality of the diamond and they are minimal. Flaws that are not seen by the naked eye can be considered as long as they are not too many. The good thing about loose diamonds is you can check every corner of them for their clarity, unlike mounted diamonds that have corners that can not be evaluated well.


Diamond’s cut should be considered well since this can affect the overall quality of your diamond. Makes sure to buy your diamond from stores that have a skilled diamond cutter to ensure an excellent diamond cut.  


Diamonds are priced per carat, so you have to determine what carat of diamond would you want to have. Be a wise buyer and choose diamonds that are below the whole number, for instance choosing a 0.95-carat diamond can save you hundreds or even thousands of bucks compared to when you buy a 1.0-carat diamond. The carat difference is small but the price difference can be big. 

The price benefit of buying loose diamonds wholesale

  • Loose Diamonds hold higher value since they can be evaluated thoroughly compared with pre-set diamonds, that’s why with the budget you have you can buy a higher quality diamond and be able to keep its value longer. 
  • Buying loose diamonds from the wholesale store can save you up to 50%, so buying from a wholesale loose diamond can be better since you can get your money’s worth. The good thing about buying from a diamond wholesale store is they allow an individual to buy from them so take advantage of it.
  • By opting for a wholesale diamond you can buy higher grades of diamonds within your budget pus you can have more choices since wholesale diamonds have more stocks compared with a retail store, and you will surely find a diamond that fits your preference. 

Loose diamonds always come with certificates

Most wholesale diamonds make sure that their diamonds are certified by a reputable diamond evaluator. When buying diamonds always ask for their certificates and another thing to check would be who evaluated the diamonds. The more reliable diamond evaluator is the Gemological Institute of America and the American Gem Society. If the diamond store is tied up with this evaluator then you are guaranteed that the diamond they are selling is legit. 

Reading this topic on Loose Diamonds: A Buyer’s Guide In Fort Worth can lead you to the right store and the right diamond to buy. Loose diamonds can be best to buy since they are perfect for customized jewelry and they are more affordable. Being able to buy a diamond of good quality at a good price is rewarding since you can have a diamond that is worth your money. To be able to pick the best and always have the specific feature you like then apply the guides given above so you can save time and money as well once you shop for your diamond.

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