Points To Remember While Using Online Florists


Gifting flowers and bouquets is the most oldest way of people to greet their loved ones or to greet someone as their guests. Even today, sending flowers online has become a common gesture among millenials to show their affection. There’s no doubt that a lovely bouquet of aromatic flowers will brighten someone’s otherwise dull and boring day. The added convenience of placing orders from anywhere to anywhere is also a bonus when it comes to online florists. There are a numerous advantages including better quality, the time saving factor as well as the option of advance booking a delivery date and time which is a great way to surprise someone at any time of the day or night. Also with so many seasonal sales and discounts online there is the extra benefit of saving a penny without compromising on the quality of service.

Qualities Of A Good Online Florist

There are millions of such platforms that allow you to send gifts as well as flowers. However, you have to choose wisely. Not all of them will be up to the mark. And by that we mean, an ideal online florist must have a few characteristics. One example is that of Floristique, best online florist Singapore.

1. Look for the ratings

Best way to know about the quality of service is to check out their feedback and rating sections. If there are any complaints about their service it’s bound to be in the reviews. Customer feedback is the only way to determine a florist’s reputation. You cannot guarantee a good service based on their high prices and fancy websites. Just like you can’t assume that a low budgeted service is poor. Ratings and reputations are the deciding factor of whether to opt for the florist or not.

2.Check the variety

A wide assortment of bouquet options in one place is definitely a plus. The better the options on designs, the more ways you can spruce up on what kind of flowers to send someone. Sending the same old bouquet design every time can be a downer. A variety of designs means that you can pick and choose a new theme every time you send those flowers across.

3. Not just flowers

Here’s an added bonus, look for those florists who also have the option of sending them with combinations of greetings, chocolates, small customized gifts, personalized notes or even balloons. Yes, there are quite a few businesses out there who realize that flowers alone can’t quite make the same impact as say, flowers along with chocolates!

4. Secure payments

Last but not the least, the ease of payment is also important. The website must include a secure gateway for payments to be made along with a full guarantee and a refund policy in case of an unsatisfied customer. Websites that don’t provide such policies cannot be trusted to invest on. There is a chance that you might get scammed out of your money with no service at all.

Finally, you also need to make sure that the website is prompt on deliveries like midnight birthday or anniversary deliveries. This is very important because late deliveries in such a case can ruin the fun.

That’s it! These are all the tests that an online florist business must pass. If a service checks all the above factors, only then you can proceed to make the order and make the most out of your money as well!

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