Powering Up Pune: Navigating Electric Car Charging Stations In The City


Pune, a city known for its technological innovations, is making significant strides in becoming an electric vehicle (EV) friendly metropolis. The collaboration between government programs and private businesses in Pune is shaping a robust infrastructure for charging electric cars, marking a shift towards sustainability.

Charging Infrastructure In Pune

The accessibility and availability of charging stations play a pivotal role in adopting electric vehicles. In Pune, collaborative efforts are evident, and a diverse range of charging stations is emerging across the city. Here’s a curated list of a few charging stations in Pune, offering a glimpse into the city’s commitment to electric mobility:

Godambe Washing Centre, Talegaon Dabhade

Address: Chakan Road, Talegaon Dabhade, Talegaon

Contact: 9850099257

Features: IEC 60309 (Level 1) connection, IEC 60309 charging port type, single AC charging slot.

KatrajDehu Road, Shah Sarbatwale

Address: KatrajDehu Road, Shah Sarbatwale

Contact: 9822272723

Features: Two AC charging slots, 3PIN AC PLUG POINT Sockets (Level 1), 3PIN-15AMP Sockets.

National Auto Wheels Charging Station By Tata Power

Address: 19/1 Hadapsar Industrial Estate, Next to Quality Bakery

Contact: 7208099829

Features: Bharat DC-001 charging port type, one charging slot.

BAFNA Motors Showroom, Shanti Sheela Society

Address: Apex Colony, Erandwane; Swojas Capital, Law College Road

Contact: 9881007137

Features: Bharat DC-001 charging port type, one charging slot.

Mahindra – Plug-in Electric Vehicle, Shivaji Nagar

Address: Manikcharan, Shilore Road, Shivaji Nagar

Contact: 9823785319

Features: IEC 60309 (Level 1) standard, five AC charging slots with IEC 60309 charging port type.

Cost Of Charging An Electric Vehicle In Pune

Charging an electric car in Pune varies based on charger type, electricity rates, and battery capacity. AC chargers cost around ₹33.15 for a 15-minute charge, while DC fast chargers are approximately ₹67.50. Fully charging a 20 kWh battery can cost ₹463 (AC) or ₹945 (DC), subject to Pune’s ₹6 per unit electricity rate. Actual costs may vary based on electricity consumption.

EV Car Insurance In Pune

Owners of electric vehicles in Pune are encouraged to obtain specialised electric vehicle insurance. Insurance providers offer comprehensive insurance tailored for electric cars. These electric car insurance policies cover risks such as theft, accidents, damages, and liability, providing protection specific to the sophisticated batteries in EVs. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under the motor insurance policy.

The insurance plans also encompass coverage for charging equipment and offer a network of cashless garages, streamlining the claims process. The benefits of buying electric cars in India include lower operational costs, reduced carbon emissions, and access to government incentives promoting sustainable and eco-friendly transportation alternatives. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under the motor insurance policy.

When considering the choice between an electric car and a petrol car in India, factors such as lower long-term operating costs, environmental sustainability, and increasing government incentives for electric vehicles should be considered.

Pune’s dedication to sustainable urban mobility is clear in its support for electric vehicles and the developing of a strong charging infrastructure. These initiatives foster cleaner transportation and aid in curbing carbon emissions and air pollution, paving the way for a greener future as the charging station network expands. EV owners can enhance their journey by securing appropriate electric vehicle insurance from trusted providers.

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