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Panama borders Colombia on the northwestern side while Peru and Ecuador on the southwest. Three Andean ranges run through the western half of the country in the north and south. The eastern region is a low plain covered with jungle and drained by spurs of Amazon and Orinoco rivers. This place is also inhabited by usually the isolated tropical-forest Indian tribes. The most densely populated parts of the country include the fertile plateau and valley of the range on the east. Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, and Panama are the neighboring countries of Colombia. In the past few years, Colombia has undergone significant dedicated efforts to expand its pop culture and spread its influence all around the globe.

In the 2000s, the government of Colombia passed legislation as an encouragement for the country’s film industry. In the present day, it hosts the oldest film festival in Latin America known as the Cartagena Film Festival. Popular music is known to be the best export while classical and traditional music is also regarded, extensively. Being the oldest Spanish language academy, it is no surprise that Colombia is a major literary country. It has a dominant national body of literature that has its background of hundreds of years. Moreover, visual arts in Colombia have gathered much of the world’s attention in the past many decades. Colombian art has always stood out among many. Its art has a unique style which is mainly seen in museums and heritage sites.

The entertaining public holidays and traditions in Colombia are celebrated all year round. Colorful festivals take place with holidays largely dictated by the Catholic calendar. Another main focus is laid on carnivals that most cities and towns conduct at least once a year. These carnivals feature classic themes, unique cultural costumes, parades, music, food, dancing, and all sorts of parties. Other significant occasions include Easter which is the biggest festival of the year. Long parades are carried out that last for hours. Secondly, the huge international book fair in Colombia signifies the literary sector. The country is turned into the biggest library on earth. Concerts, exhibitions, and children’s programs are conducted.

‘Day of the candles’ is just another festival in Colombia that marks the unofficial commencement of the Christmas season Flowers to Colombia. At night, homes and streets are decorated with festive flowers, lanterns, tunnels of light, and much more. All of this is done in honor of the Catholic Immaculate Conception. On the day of Christmas itself, extensive decorations throughout light up the country like no other. Garlands accessorize almost everything in the surroundings. Also, as an independent celebration of flowers, ‘Flower Day’ is celebrated in Colombo to mark spring and the blooms it brings along. The famous festival of flowers has been hosted since 1957. On this day, concerts, food, drinks, and parades highlight its beauty. Several horses carry bundles of fresh beautiful flowers of the season all around.

Common floral decorations in Colombia include carnations, agapanthus, chrysanthemum, lilies, orchids, sunflowers, and roses. At all the other festivals, flowers are excessively exchanged among families and friends. Other than that, Colombians also carry flowers as a gift while visiting someone’s house as a bouquet express emotions of humility. With every flower is associated a language of love that everybody hears. When giving flowers, no verbal explanations are required because the blooms are pretty much sufficient to express the sender’s feelings. When words fail to do justice with the actual meaning of love, flowers have your back. When things are messed up between two people or families, flowers can be taken as a source of smooth reconciliation. Flowers intensify every relationship in a positive manner just like their fragrance. In a place where you are surrounded by flowers, it gives you an exotic feeling. Every ambiance is automatically enhanced with the presence of flowers. Their vibrant petals beautify the environment.

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