Shincheonji: A Closure for the mankind


Every human being has a specific set of principles, ideals and beliefs which they choose to follow. We live in an epoch where nobody is or will be forced to support any principles if one has no faith in it. Shincheonji, Church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony, which means New Heaven and New Earth, comprises of almost 1,50,000 followers or disciples. According to their collective beliefs, the holy spirit of Jesus Christ plunged into the founder Lee, believing that he is immortal. The previous leaders were prophesying destruction in the world, but, after Lee, they put their faith in their new pastor, the overcomer of any predicament. Lee is the retainer of the holy gospels and ancient secrets. Also, one has to fathom the inner meanings presented in the scriptures to unlock the power.

Different in a positive way

This international Christian church situated in South Korea is considered to be the torchbearers of God’s kingdom on earth. This religion has absolutely no relation to any form a cult. They don’t follow any similar doctrines or principles of the Christian faith, but, it does not prove them to be orthodox. It is a good thing perhaps, and they consider the Bible to be their whole and soul and follow it to the extremes, which is how it should be.

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It maintains an indispensable or unbreakable link to spirituality and spiritual refinement. Even their prophets interpret and analyze the true meanings by leaving behind prophecies and asks the followers to focus on memorizing these unique findings for the betterment of one’s journey only to fulfil them.

Popular beliefs:

People have faith in God because they sense a certain level of positivity when they are connected to God, and by their grace, one can accomplish all their tasks with fruitful results. This why Shincheonji is a group of people who have a common aim to unlock their supreme powers to fulfil their goals. The entire process is carried on faith, and their alignments are proof that they are legitimate. All they ask for and believe in its truth, nothing but the truth and are governed by the fact only.

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People who are dissatisfied with their current faith in God’s belief, they seek SCJ, to fulfil their destiny by practical and pragmatic teachings governed by the Bible. They even give access to the people who are interested in joining even after months of Bible study, it portrays their generosity towards every human without any discrimination and as a graduate can one become the part of God’s family.

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