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Hundreds of new models and new designs are available on the market today, as a first-time buyer, finding the right car for you is a bit hard. You may realize that some people are buying the same model over and over again, because of this, they tend to ignore new and better options to choose from. Some people would choose based on the recommendation of a friend or a family member, others fall in love with the sleek design and convincing advertisement.

Buying a new car is one of the greatest achievement you’ll ever make in your lifetime. Some of you are excited about the process, but others are a bit scared and confused. No matter what the reasons and the feeling you are experiencing right now, today’s article will help you to find the perfect car of your dream.

So grab a cup of your favorite coffee, sip, relax, and continue to scroll down to find the answers.

What Car Should You Buy: Used or New?

To be honest, your budget will play an important role in this decision. Buying a new car will give you peace of mind from the manufacturer’s warranty, free service, freebies which could last for up to three years. However, if you are not financially ready for buying a new car, don’t do it. Why? A financial problem will arise, your credit score could be tainted, and probably, you can’t get a new loan again from other lenders.

Stick with your budget, purchase only if you are financially ready. If you have a budget with you but not that much, you can choose to buy a used car instead. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that if a car is already used, it is a bad choice. No, not necessarily, some used cars are still nice cars and quality cars, besides, they are much cheaper compared to the new ones.

What Car Should You Buy: Diesel, Gas, or Alternative Fuels?

Fuel will also play an important role when buying a car because some of these will cause you a lot depending on the car model you’ll choose. Today, some cars are only available for diesel, but most manufacturers’ offers gas and diesel engines to their consumers, and since technology is constantly changing, there are hybrid and electric models to choose from. Hybrid cars re most suitable for people who always drive a lot around the town or city.

Based on some car enthusiasts, if you driving for about 12,000 miles per year, a petrol-powered engine car is the best option for you. Since diesel is the most fuel-efficient of them all, it can cost you a lot compared to petrol engine cars. Moreover, there are cross-breed engine types available on the market today, those are petrol-hybrid models which offer a much lower running cost compared to petrol-powered engine car.

When buying a car, you should also consider what kind of drive you’ll be doing. If you’ll be doing short trips, then a petrol-powered engine will be the best option. But if you like long rides, then a fuel-efficient like diesel is the great option.

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