What Makes Desert Dune Buggies An Exciting Experience?


Have you ever tried a trip to the Dubai desert safari? It’s a dream of many tourists. Many people love to enjoy the amazing activities of the desert safari. No one wants to miss a tour to desert safari on a Dubai visit. Are you planning to take your trip to the next level?

Maybe you are visiting the desert for the first time and searching for an amazing experience that will make you excited. We are here to guide you in this scenario. We will provide you information about the Dune Buggies of Arabian Adventures Desert in this blog.

It is undoubtedly an unmissable experience in the luxurious city, Dubai. Desert dune buggies of Arabian Adventures take people on thrilling and exciting rides across the alluring desert. The Desert is full of adventures, sun, and sand.

Dubai city offers you amazing trips to the wonderful Arabian desert. The beautiful sand has covered the desert all around. Dubai provides you the top places to have an amazing experience of dune buggy ride. The memory of the dune buggy will be remarkable.

Tours make your trip more memorable. They help you to experience a feeling that is everlasting.

Is Dune Buggy Secure?

If you want to experience a breathtaking sand dune in the luxurious city then choose a dune buggy. It is completely secure. Arabian adventures is available to provide you a guide regarding the best experience. Tourists get complete training to operate a dune buggy safely.

You should consider some important factors before starting a dune buggy. It helps you to avoid uncomfortable situations and make your experience of the desert amazing and worthy to remember.

You Need Experienced And Professional Guide For Dune Buggy

You need to make your dune buggy adventure memorable. A professional and experienced guide can really help you in making and breaking the adventure of a dune buggy in the desert. Arabian adventures is available to provide you with an experienced guide.

The professionals have good communication skills. They provide you important guidelines before the start of your trip. Moreover, they give you amazing tips as well as instructions to explore the desert.


To enjoy any adventure to the fullest, precautions are important. Safety is an important factor to consider. Arabian adventures provide you with the best measures for safety in the desert. They make sure that you spend the best time in the desert while enjoying dune buggy.

A guide is available to help you if you have problems with your trip. Ask the advisors about the questions if you have regarding the ride.

Why To Choose Arabian Adventures?

Arabian Adventures have top-of-the-line equipment. They provide you a chance to explore the alluring desert of Dubai. The latest four-seater dune buggies are available now. Enjoy these off-road dune buggies with your friends and make amazing memories for a lifetime.

Adventure initiates before you see the desert as the professional guide picks you from the place of your residence. Stay relaxed while sitting back as you leave the splendid city.

Start the travel with a professional chauffeur to the Arabian desert. The guide provides you information about the key sights and answers your questions along the way.

You will reach Al Lisaili after a drive of 45 minutes from the center of Dubai. It is the unique area of the desert located on the DDCR edge. Moreover, it is the home of racing scenes in Dubai.

After this, the guide takes you to the briefing area. You can relax and enjoy the welcome drink in this area while receiving a briefing about your upcoming adventure.

The briefing includes important aspects of familiarising your friends and yourself with the dune buggy adventure in the desert. It also includes a driving tutorial. A professional guide also provides you information on the safety measures.

The best thing about dune buggies is that they are completely automatic with roll cages, off-road suspension, and seat belts. You will receive safety gear which has helmets, disposable balaclavas, goggles, and details about alluring routes.

Initiate your experience across alluring dunes and follow the guide. Enjoy the adrenaline-filled experience. A guide leads people through the tallest dunes route. Utilize the top abilities of the 4*4 buggies. Make sure to have a thrilling adventure.

You can take a break at the stop to click some pictures. Drink or eat some food items and enjoy the scenes of the Dubai desert. You will surely remember this exciting trip for years. Enjoy adrenaline-filled driving for two hours and then return to the camp.

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