What To Look For When Choosing A Metal Roofing Company


Metal roofing is gaining popularity because of the benefits it provides homeowners, including durability, ease of installation, effortless shedding of snow and water, and resistance to fire. However, choosing the right company may not be easy because there are a lot of firms out there offering competitively priced packages.

To help you, we have compiled a list of the most important things to consider when choosing a metal roofing company that best fits the job description.


Before considering a company as a candidate for the installation of your metal roof, it is important to check first if its team is eligible for the job. This means you should look for their licenses to see if they can legally operate in your state. On top of that, the company should also have the permits necessary top operate. This way, you are sure that the people you let into your home are legitimate and have been certified for the services they are offering.

Reputation and References

After determining their authenticity, every homeowner should seek references from metal roofing contractors to check on how well they were able to accomplish similar tasks in the past. You should also consider checking the Internet for reviews on their products and services to be sure that you are not making a mistake in hiring them. Browsing through their portfolios and websites is also another way to achieve this, although it might not be as effective because most firms put their best works on display.

Homeowners seeking a new roof or repairs to the overhead structure should also consider looking at the company’s suppliers and bank references for other important matters like their financial stability and the quality of materials they use.

Quality Materials and Skilled Installation Crew

Other important things to consider before choosing a metal roofing company are the quality of materials they use and the skill set of the crew that will install it.

Experts recommend talking to the suppliers to see if the materials the contractor purchases for their projects are permanent and high-quality. Among the materials you should look for in this list are:

  1. Ice and water shield for the eave edges of the roof
  2. Woven under lay ment used with plastic cap nails instead of staples
  3. High-quality sealants
  4. Starters and finishers that interlock
  5. Ridge vents
  6. Self-cleaning open valleys, instead of close valleys that pose risks ice build-up
  7. Hidden fasteners to avoid panel penetrations that may cause a failure in the roofing system
  8. Energy-saving finishing that reflects heat

Homeowners should also reach out to the crew to determine if they are employed by the company or are subcontractors. While some subcontractors get the job done, they often carry less experience and skills under their belts as they are chosen based on their lowest bid. And, as many cheap services are, this might mean they won’t be able to do a perfect job.

Insurance and Warranties

Go for metal roofing contractors that have insurance in case of untoward incidents happening while workers are on your property. Doing so will ease your worries about the workers getting injured in your home. Warranties are also important because they will give you peace of mind.

Some companies offer a lifetime guarantee on workmanship and materials while others have set limitations to natural calamities. There are also those that have warranties specifically tailored for every homeowner’s needs,such as energy saving and money-match value, so be sure to look for them when finalizing a contract.

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