Area Rugs


You may not know that area rugs can offer many home benefits. These are just some of the many fascinating benefits of area rugs:

It’s all about tiled or hardwood floors these days. Hardwood floors and tiles are popular choices for home buyers due to their durability and ease of maintenance. Another reason that people prefer hardwood floors is the possibility to use area rugs instead. Here are some benefits to adding an area rug in your home if you have tiles or hardwood floors.

Why Have An Area Rug In Your Home?

Improved Interior Decor. A Persian oriental rug, or a patterned rug, can help you decorate your home. As rugs are often more versatile than curtains and upholstery, we recommend that you choose a rug before selecting curtains or upholstery

Designated play area for children. Do your children play with toys cars, trains, and other objects that scratch or bang on the hard floor all day? An area rug allows your children to have a designated area for play without damaging the floors.

Heating Your House. If you don’t have heated flooring, the winters can be very cold even with your heat on full blast. Hardwood floors absorb heat better than tile, but an area rug can provide warmth for your family. Rugs will not only keep your feet warm, but they also trap heat and help you save money on heating.

Improved Comfort Nothing is better than having your socks and shoes taken off to enjoy a soft, plush carpet under your feet. Oriental rugs are a great way to improve your comfort and make sure that you don’t have to walk on tile floors throughout your home.

Allergies are reduced. Area rugs can reduce allergies, contrary to popular belief. However, they should be cleaned regularly. Area rugs are a great way to reduce allergens that can be emitted from your tiled or wood floors.

Protect your floors. Protect your floors. You have spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars refinishing or installing hardwood or tiled floors. A new rug can reduce wear and tear on wood floors.

This reduces the risk of trip and fall accidents. You can improve your home’s safety and security by placing area rugs at front entrances, the foot of stairs, and other high-traffic areas. Slip and fall accidents can be prevented by using a rug.

Improved Insulation

Although wooden floors look beautiful, they can be very cold. Wooden floors also tend to release a lot of heat which is why they are so good for use with area rugs. A wooden floor with a few of them will be warmer and trap more heat. You and your family will be safe because it helps prevent slippage on hardwood floors.

Quick Makeover

Are you unhappy with the style of your home? For a quick home renovation, simply throw down a few area rugs. Match them to your home’s style and shape. A rectangular rug will be more effective in narrow rooms, while around one will enhance a wider space.

Easier To Clean

Carpet cleaning can be expensive and require you to rent a carpet cleaner. A small area rug can be cleaned by removing dirt from the outside and focusing on an area. They are therefore easier to clean and more likely to be cleaned regularly. This reduces the risk of mold growth in your rug.

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