Waterhog floor mats: A guide


Water, grime, and trash reduction in your company begin at the front entrance. Commercial Waterhog mats are a wise business investment since they help keep your floors dry, clean, and safe while also preserving your flooring.

Waterhog mats are available from ultimate mats for companies. Aside from commercial matting, we also rent and sell a variety of facility items to promote clean, safe workplaces. We want to help your company function more efficiently.

What exactly are Waterhog mats?

Waterhog plus mats combine the tough, durable design of Waterhog premier mats with premium nitrile rubber backing for a long-lasting, flexible, and easy-to-clean Waterhog solution. Waterhog plus mats are eco-friendly mats that operate well in high-traffic areas and stay flat even after repeated handling.

  • Each Waterhog mat has a distinctive swirl design that works its way into shoes to remove water and dirt.
  • Waterhog doormats may be cleaned by vacuuming, hosing down, extraction cleaning, or even washing in an industrial washer and dryer.
  • The Waterhog floor mats are suitable for use both inside and outdoors.
  • A water dam rubber border keeps liquids contained inside the trenches of this Waterhog mat and off the floor.
  • Waterhog mats have an anti-static, polypropylene surface that dries rapidly and does not fade or decay.
  • The nitrile rubber-reinforced surface, borders, and backing of these Waterhog mats provide excellent flexibility, durability, and strength.

The advantages of Waterhog mats

Waterhog mats are used in a variety of sectors and provide several advantages. Waterhog mats of different varieties will provide significant commercial benefits in restaurants, industries, industrial facilities, and other establishments:

  • Increase workplace safety: commercial mats will aid in the management of dirt, debris, and water in your establishment. These will wind up on the floor in many businesses, creating a danger in the workplace. Matting solutions may aid in the management of hazardous flooring conditions and the prevention of accidents.
  • Why hold people safe: Waterhog mats have a rubber backing that helps keep them in place and minimizes slippery situations. This may help to keep workers safe in your workplace, decrease injuries, and increase employee productivity.
  • Protect your flooring: Waterhog mats will not only keep your floors dry and clean, but they will also assist to extend the life of your flooring. The mats serve to prevent damage and wear and tear in high-traffic areas of your company.
  • Demonstrate that you care: When you go out of your way to maintain your company clean, dry, and safe for customers and staff, your professionalism shines through. People that visit your company will be impressed by your dedication and will notice how much you care.

Select the best mats for Waterhog entrance mats

Including Waterhog masterpiece select mats in your office will enhance the experience for both customers and staff while also protecting your flooring. It will also guarantee that you choose the proper mats for your company location; working with an experienced mat supplier like ultimate mats is crucial. Our staff works with companies in a variety of sectors, and we know what sort of mats would work best for them.

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