Innovative Web Designs Digital Standards and Trends For 2021


With rapid changes in technology, website features and design elements also need some modification. People visiting your website may find the outdated website traits and design [even if it was innovative and modern once] unappealing. It is essential not to ignore crucial web standards.

Australian Internet Advertising agency has a popular website design team that creates user-friendly, appealing, and highly functional sites. Here are some latest, innovative digital standards and trends for 2021 web designs.

Fast load times, user-friendly navigation, and data security are website features, which will never vanish. Add some of the innovative features and elements to stay in digital trend and search engine-friendly.


It is also called ‘Flat design’ and is not new. It is connected with plenty of white space, for example, Apple. People are expected to experiment with colorful minimalism like Shopify. Every page feature clean text, minimal design elements, and bold colored background. It is easy on the eyes and attention-grabbing. It is proof that minimalism does not need to be boring or stark.

Thumb-friendly mobile navigation

Today, responsive website design is mandatory as people are using their mobile phones a lot to search. In 2021, a thumb-friendly feature is a need. People use a phone to read and when they hold it their fingers are wrapped around on the device’s back. The thumb does the entire steering task, so thumb-friendly navigation is crucial.

Organic shapes

Unlike the 2019 geometric shapes trend, it is organic contours in 2021. Fluid or organic shapes must never involve straight lines. For example, lake edges, hills, winding, and asymmetrical. Fluid shapes help to break website sections without angles or harsh lines. Use it in the background or behind products like Android.


Virtual reality is escalating in its popularity. For example, Airbnb allows you to tour rentals before you make a reservation or IKEA showcases how a dining table or bed will look when placed in your room. Virtual Reality is a potent tool that is capable to offer site visitors meaningful content. It helps potential buyers make a buying decision.

Voice-activated interface

People adore voice-activated interfaces because there is no need to type to gain information on Google. People just demand or ask. Ensure that your web design keeps up with virtual assistants and voice chatbots. It is an emerging trend here to stay!

Rotating animation

Rotating animation will leave viewers to feel curious because each time the home page is refreshed innovative and new video is visible, for example – the disruption company. Fun surprises leave visitors with a unique website experience every time they pay a visit.

3D visuals

High-resolution screens allow weaving 3D visuals seamlessly in the web designs. 3D can make a minimalist layout impressive. For example, Pitch – a software company has a colorful 3D shapes layout along with layered elements, drop shadows, and gradients. All this makes the design vibrant and lively. 3D elements add dimension and uniqueness to a webpage.


An interactivity element offers value to visitors and keeps them engaged with your site. For example, a realtor company can add a mortgage calculator to its website. Other interactive marketing elements are pools & surveys, quizzes, and contests.


Micro-interactions are tiny animations, which give subtle feedback to the users. For example, change of link color when users move their mouse over it

Micro animation

Small animations guide users when they interact with your website. For example, Smarshmallow added a playful animation in the hero image. Ecommerce sites can use micro animations to improve user experience as well as offer shoppers a preview of their product. A boutique can use micro animations to display shoppers how their designer clothes look on real people.

Smart video

Smart video means a video created with meaning and purpose. A video has to be of high quality and well-thought-out. Videos are engaging and are an effective digital marketing tool. Watching is more preferable to reading text!

Bold fonts

Bold typography is in trend. Readers generally scan a web page, so heavy hold letters scattered meaningfully offer a cue on what the message or content is about. Blend neutral colors and large fonts to highlight headlines, it turns into an appealing image.

Dark mode

Dark mode helps to lessen the eye strain, which is crucial as people are spending more time eyeing the screens. Aesthetically dark mode creates an ultra-modern look as well as highlights other design features.

In 2021, a clean, bright, and eye-catching website using videos and animation is the trend. Update your current web design to optimistically impact users, your brand, and conversions.

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