Turbine Malfunctions: Symptoms and Signs


Despite the 10-year service life declared by the car manufacturers, an automobile turbocharger serves only for 7-8 years. In extreme conditions and harsh environments, it fails even earlier. To quickly identify and eliminate them, attention shifts to underlying symptoms or abnormal behavior of the car.

What to check first 

Most often, the thrust drops instantaneously, and the engine power decreases. Moreover, while accelerating, the smoke of an uncharacteristic color appears from the muffler. It can be blue, black, grey and white. In addition, fuel consumption increases, and the engine starts making whistling, creaking noises during the natural operation of the car. All these signs usually indicate a dying turbine and need an urgent inspection from the car repair service Mumbai. Usually, there are only three reasons behind such occurrences.

It’s all about the pressure 

In most cases, the supply hoses are pinched or cut off.  As a rule, the leaks originate, and subsequently, the pressure drops. The same thing can happen because of an incorrect connection between the system’s pipes to the turbine.

When the reinforced power unit constantly works for more than five minutes without lubrication, it will cause irreparable harm to it. With the scuffing of the cylinders, the wear of the oil scraper rings and seals, the destruction of the liners is the least thing to be expected.

Oil contamination

Such an issue can occur due to an untimely update of the car’s filter. The same problem appears if the water or diesel fuel gets inside the crankcase. Avoid filling your car with a low-quality formulation, as impurities are known to destroy the regular bearings of the turbocharger heavily.

As a rule, you should also avoid using excessively thick lubricants. Otherwise, it has the potential to damage since it will have large sediment, reducing the tightness of the turbine as a whole.

Ingress of a foreign object

In cases when a solid object flies into the turbine, it can easily destroy the compressor ring. In such cases, an instant pressure drop with all the ensuring consequences is inevitable. Moreover, the risk also spreads out to the wheel, rotor, and blades. As a rule, whenever a foreign material gets it, the filter needs to be replaced, the air-tightness of the intake tacts is checked, and a new shaft is placed.

Moreover, the mechanism also wears out over time. 100-150 thousand kilometers is its natural lifetime. When this period gets over, you need to contact a  car service in Mumbai and replace the part since when cracks appear, deposits accumulate.

The consequences of a faulty turbine 

A car with a broken turbine can cause multiple issues. An increase in fuel consumption, can also mix with other consumables and enter the exhaust system. This will impact the catalytic converter, valves, or particulate filter.

In addition, it can also cause the contamination of oil, failure of injectors as well as the breakdown of the other essential elements. In these cases, the reason behind such occurrences can be worn bushings or shafts. This is why you should avoid a driving car with a  faulty compressor – otherwise, the engine’s death is not far off.

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